Japanese Midfielder Joel Fujita Attributes Success to Nigerian root

Japanese Midfielder Joel Fujita Attributes Success to Nigerian root

Japanese midfielder Joel Chima Fujita has recently shared his appreciation for his Nigerian root, highlighting the blessings he believes it has bestowed upon him.Japanese Midfielder Joel Fujita Attributes Success to Nigerian root

Japanese Midfielder Joel Chima Fujita: Embracing Nigerian Heritage

The talented 21-year-old was born in Japan to a Nigerian father and a Japanese mother.

His versatility and resilience in the midfield caught the attention of Yokohama Marinos FC, leading to his contract with the team.

Fujita’s impressive performance against Nigeria during the FIFA U-17 World Cup preparatory match in 2019 revealed his skill set, as he dominated the midfield with defense-breaking passes.

Unveiling his Nigerian Roots:

Following a thrilling 2019 friendly match against Nigeria, Fujita enthusiastically expressed his connection to his Nigerian roots to the media.

Embracing his dual heritage, he proudly referred to himself as Japanese but with a Nigerian father.

I am Japanese, but with a Nigerian father. Maybe, that’s why I am blessed with physical and technical abilities,” Joel Fujita was quoted by Owngoal Nigeria saying;

Last weekend, after a friendly game against England’s U-21 team, Fujita once again emphasized his Nigerian background during a conversation with reporters.

Appreciating English Opposition:

During the post-match interview, Fujita shared his excitement about playing against renowned English talents such as Emil Smith-Rowe, Noni Madueke, and Harvey Elliot.

Although he had high expectations for Tottenham midfielder Oliver Skipp, it was Liverpool’s Elliot who caught his attention with an exceptional performance.

Fujita further expressed his belief that his physical and technical abilities might be attributed to his Nigerian heritage, suggesting that his mixed background has contributed to his skill set.

A Shared Sentiment:

Fujita is not the only player to acknowledge the influence of his Nigerian roots on his career.

Karim Adeyemi, the playmaker from Borussia Dortmund, has also claimed his Nigerian heritage and finds inspiration in his cultural background, particularly citing fufu, a traditional Nigerian dish.

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