NPFL Club Chairmen Under Fire for donning European Club Jerseys at AGM Meeting

NPFL Club Chairmen Under Fire for donning European Club Jerseys at AGM Meeting

In a disheartening turn of events at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Nigeria Premier Football League (NPFL) club chairmen in Abuja, the focus shifted from fixture discussions to a fashion faux pas that ignited a firestorm on social media.NPFL Club Chairmen Under Fire for donning European Club Jerseys

Prominent sports analysts, football content curators, and ardent sports enthusiasts in Nigeria took to Twitter to express their dismay at the sight of some NPFL club chairmen donning jerseys of European football clubs instead of representing their own teams.

The AGM Gathering and Unexpected Fashion Statement:

Gathered in Abuja for the highly anticipated AGM, which also included the unveiling of the season’s fixtures draw, NPFL club chairmen unwittingly sparked controversy by arriving at the event bedecked in jerseys bearing the logos of well-known European football powerhouses.

The unintended spectacle was captured in a group photo that swiftly went viral, triggering widespread discussions both within the sports community and beyond.

Analysts and Enthusiasts Speak Out:

Adepoju Tobi Samuel, a respected figure in the sports analysis realm, minced no words in condemning the chairmen’s fashion choices.

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He labeled the incident as “shameful,” highlighting the irony that individuals responsible for promoting branding, media, and marketing within the league appeared oblivious to its significance.

Edafe Matthew, the owner of Elegbetetv, expressed his personal investment in promoting NPFL clubs.

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He criticized the chairmen’s decision to display support for European clubs, stressing that those leading the NPFL clubs should prioritize the very entities that would benefit most from sponsorship efforts.

Abraham Nolly chimed in, stressing the importance of branding, recounting the anecdote of Ronaldinho losing a deal due to an inadvertent mistake.

He emphasized that as sports figures, wearing the jersey of another team is a breach of branding principles.

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A Call for Reevaluation:

Hon Sammy pointed out the irony that while progress is made in certain aspects, actions like these take the league backward.

He suggested a rule that mandates representatives to don their respective club jerseys at every general meeting, fostering unity and a sense of identity.

Dave Sports also expressed disappointment at the incident, stressing that this occurrence underscored the need for branding and marketing within the NPFL.

He however, commended the Shooting Stars SC representative for avoiding the fashion pitfall and implored other NPFL representatives to improve their branding efforts.

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