FM24 Unveils Exciting Features: Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity, and Positional Play

FM24 Introduces Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity and More

Have you heard of Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity, and Positional Play? Well, these are the exciting new features you should now expect to see in Football Manager – FM24.FM24 Introduces Truer Football Motion, Match Authenticity and More

Matchdays are the heart-pounding moments in every Football Manager’s journey. They’re where dreams become reality, underdogs rise, and legends are born.

With each new release of Football Manager, Match team pushes the boundaries to create a lifelike simulation of real-world football.

In FM24, the most comprehensive installment yet, player’s behavior within the game has been revolutionized. From animation improvements enhancing off-the-ball movement to player rotation upgrades that embrace positional play, the difference is evident from the first whistle.

One exciting addition is a new player role that brings you closer to the professional game’s cutting edge.

The game also fine-tuned existing roles to harmonize with these changes. Moreover, ball physics and matchday lighting have received enhancements to elevate the immersive experience.

New Avenues for Attacking Play

Positional play, popularized by the likes of Pep Guardiola, has become a defining principle in modern football.

FM24 empowers you to emulate this approach, with player rotations allowing more intelligent off-the-ball movement.

For example, in a 4-2-3-1 formation, your Advanced Playmaker will recognize the Segundo Volante’s attacking runs and adjust their position accordingly.

This adds dynamism to your tactics, opening up new passing lanes and altering your team’s shape during different phases of attack.

To complement these changes, the behavior of Inverted Wingers and Inside Forwards has been tweaked. They will now adapt to the presence of additional midfield players, staying wider to create overloads.

On the defensive front, the Half-Back role has been refined, allowing it to occupy either the left or right center-back position when in possession.

Introducing the Inverted Full-Back

A notable addition in FM24 is the Inverted Full-Back role, inspired by players like Kyle Walker. This role transitions from a traditional full-back in defense to a third central defender in possession, enabling flexible defensive and midfield setups.

Leveling Up the Inverted Wing-Back

The Inverted Wing-Back role now features more intelligent positioning. When they push forward, defensive midfielders recognize this movement and form a two-man partnership, similar to how Rodri operates at Manchester City.

Building Out from the Back with an Enhanced Libero

FM24 includes significant improvements to the Libero role, allowing it to step into midfield as needed. Central defenders will adapt their behavior based on the number of active players in your backline, creating more dynamic tactics.

Truer Football Motion

In FM24, player movements appear more intelligent, thanks to data obtained from real-world professional football.

This data enhances animation authenticity and fluidity, making player actions more lifelike. Motion Matching and Inverse Kinematics systems add fluidity to player movements, improving off-the-ball actions and ball receiving.

More Authentic Ball Movement

FM24’s rewritten ball physics system models drag, air resistance, and deflections more accurately. Weather, temperature, and stadium altitude now affect the ball’s movement.

Player dribbling and finishing also reflect real-world conditions and dynamics.

Elevating Your Matchday Environment

FM24 boasts upgraded lighting and pitch textures, resulting in more realistic and visually pleasing matches.

The changes in day, night, and interior lighting, as well as pitch textures, contribute to an immersive matchday experience.

FM24 is set to deliver the most authentic and immersive matchdays yet, with exciting features that enhance tactical experimentation, player movement, ball physics, and matchday visuals.

It’s the most complete edition in the series. Discover more on our Features Roadmap.

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