Timo Werner set to force his way back into Thomas Tuchel’s plans

Timo Werner set to force his way back into Thomas Tuchel's plans

After yet another challenging season with Chelsea, Timo Werner has acknowledged that he wants enough playing time at the Premier League team and is set to force his way back.Timo Werner set to force his way back into Thomas Tuchel's plans

The German has found it difficult to establish himself since leaving RB Leipzig in 2020, scoring just ten goals in 56 Premier League games.

In their last campaign, he started just 15 games in the league as Thomas Tuchel looked for a way to improve his goal-scoring problems.

Raheem Sterling, who recently joined the team from Manchester City, will likely be a relatively close starter if all goes as planned, thus Werner now has another competition for playing time.

After scoring Chelsea’s opening goal of their preseason trip against Club America, Timo Werner revealed that;

I am happy when I play and score goals. That’s the fact. That’s what I should take care of and the other things will come. I could be happy everywhere. It is clear I want to play more and I should play more to first be in good shape for the World Cup and also to have a chance to play at the World Cup. It doesn’t change anything whether it is a winter World Cup or in the summer. I think if I play half of the season or the whole season, I should play. It doesn’t change anything in my mind.”

The German added;

But still, it’s already four months to go to the World Cup and we have a lot to do with Chelsea. The time will come when your thoughts go to the national team but not yet.”

Timo Werner continued by acknowledging that he is unsure of why he does not see as much action as some of his colleagues, but he emphasized his resolve to force his way back into Tuchel’s plans in the upcoming campaign.

It was the same when Romelu Lukaku came here that we have big, big competition up front. It is still the same. At a big club like Chelsea you have that competition. In pre-season you can show that you want to play, that you are a guy who wants to be in the starting XI. That’s what I try.

On the reason for his limited minutes, he noted that:

It is hard to say. I didn’t ask but, I think, of course the manager always has different ideas, different thoughts and what you need in different games. I think in many games I was not in his thoughts so I try to change that. We play different systems, playing with two strikers or one striker, we play sometimes with a back four. It is not easy to say that I rather want to play this or this.

Timo Werner further stressed;

I am happy when I play and of course when I play as a number 9 it is different to when I play a bit wider or as a number 10, but both are not too bad. We don’t have a fixed position that I play. I think we have six or seven players up front there, also in the national team, who can play every position. We all compete for the position.”

A lot of Chelsea supporters, however, think that Raheem Sterling may be the perfect partner that Timo Werner has been hoping for, and that the Premier League is not prepared for Chelsea’s upcoming season.

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