The UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament is Here

The UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament is Here

We are thrilled to announce that the UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament will begin on November 20th and run throughout the FIFA World Cup, with a total prize pool of $2000 USDT to be won.
The UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament is Here

Learn how you can participate free and win $2000 USDT Cash Prizes

The best part is that there is zero risk involved, so you can participate freely.

We want UBET Sports to be a super DApp for you, where you can wager on sporting events with the best odds, stake on our liquidity pool, and earn interest.

The launch of the UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament is the first step in laying the groundwork for a future decentralized sports betting ecosystem on the blockchain where liquidity providers are protected against the risk of impermanent loss and punters can enjoy boosted odds on a transparent platform with high transaction throughputs, low fees, and instant payouts thanks to our unique Automated Market Maker (AMM).

By launching the UBET Sports Betting Tournament, we are giving the UBettors community a first-hand experience with the UBET platform, where they can place bets to compete for cash prizes.

Visit to register and take part in the contest.

How do I win?

1. Make predictions after conducting your own analysis of the games.

2. Use the UBCKS tokens to wager on the events you have chosen.

3. Winners are determined from the ranking on the UBET Sports World Cup Tournament leaderboard. Upload screenshots of your winning bets to our Discord to win.

Following that, players are ranked on a leaderboard based on their winnings.

Important note:

● All UBCKS tokens used for testnet transactions and wagering have no real value. You can use them to bet and climb the leaderboard in order to be one of the winners of the $2000 USDT prize money.

● The $2000 USDT prize pool will be split among the top 3 players.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide that will guide your registration.

We invite you to UBET World Cup Betting Tournament. Sign-up at and join our thriving UBET betting community on Discord.

Remember our mission is to transform unfair sports g*mbling into fair sports trading! “It is a journey, and we begin it now.”

UBET is a decentralized sportsbook. We eliminate the house and risk aversion that exists within existing sports prediction market products. Our unique system and architecture will allow all sports fans to trade their predictions, when they want, at market-implied odds without friction.The UBET Sports World Cup Betting Tournament is Here

For more information, visit

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