Tammy Abraham admits leaving Chelsea has helped him grow

Oghenetega Tammy Abraham has disclosed that he has no single regret or whatsoever about leaving to Roma from Chelsea, and that the transfer has really helped him develop as a player and person.

Abraham made the decision to join the Jose Mourinho team at the beginning of the 2021/22 season since first-team opportunities was heavily passing him bye at the club where he had grown up.

Since then, the English striker has seen enormous success in Italy, becoming one of the team’s top players and scoring 17 goals in Serie A last season.

Given that Chelsea is currently without a top goal scorer, with Aubameyang and Havertz still struggling to find back of the net, one could be excused for suggesting that Tammy had stayed at Stamford Bridge, where he would now likely be starting.

However, given how well things have gone so far for the forward in Roma, that’s obviously not the case.

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While speaking to Daily Mail, the 24-year-old said;

If you’d told me a couple of years ago I’d be playing in Italy, I wouldn’t have believed you. Leaving Chelsea was difficult, it’s where I’d grown up from the age of seven. I didn’t know much about Italian football but it has helped me develop as a player and as a man. I’ve come out of my comfort zone and don’t have any regrets. I love the life and it’s brought out another side to my game.”

He added that;

At Chelsea, I was viewed purely as a goalscorer. Here, I’ve learned different aspects of the game. If our opponents have more of the ball, I know how to position myself defensively. You have to be more clinical finishing chances because they can be limited.”

Although his efforts in Italy earned him a spot in the England squad, he has only seen little action for his country because Tottenham star – Harry Kane is the preferred striker.

But rather becoming annoyed by the situation, Abraham concentrates on observing the Tottenham player and trying to make sure he is prepared when it counts.

When I work with Harry, I use it as a learning curve. If it’s me and him doing finishing drills in training, I look at his positioning, I try to take traits of it into my own game.” he said.

The forward stressed that;

He’s a wonderful striker but as a player I had to be ready as well because you never know what will happen.”

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