SWAN Rivers: Team List Released For Friendly vs NBA

SWAN Rivers: Team List Released For Friendly vs NBA

The Rivers State Chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) has recently announced the final Team List for their upcoming match against the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA.SWAN Rivers: Team List Released For Friendly vs NBA

The list includes notable names such as Ekpor Temple, Tunde Bello, Fisayo Dairo, Prince Worlu, Solomon Wokoma, Mbah Kalu, and more.

Additionally, Peter Abaje, Gabriel Nwanetanya, Ibisaki Temple, Eval Edu, Bamidele Yusuf, Elder Eldred Sunju-Abbey, and Sir Kris (Akawor Chichetam) have also made the cut.

Expressing his thoughts on the forthcoming friendly game, Sara Atonye David, the chairman of SWAN, emphasized the significance of this event for both associations.

On the other side, Sir Viktor Ibim Benibo, the chairman of the NBA Port Harcourt branch, holds a strong belief in his team’s ability to secure a victory against SWAN in their upcoming match on Monday.

While some of the players selected for the SWAN Rivers camp have expressed their eagerness to perform at their best for SWAN, they understand the importance of being given the opportunity to start the game.

To prepare for the upcoming match, the SWAN team held a short training session under a wet weather condition on Friday evening at the Sharks Stadium in Port Harcourt.

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