SWAN Rivers vs. NBA Rivers: Disappointing Performance and Lessons Learned

As the SWAN Rivers State Chapter team entered the Sharks Sports Stadium Arena for the novelty football match against the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Rivers Chapter, it was evident that one team had a different objective, as pointed out by an Association member present at the stadium.

SWAN Rivers’ Novice Match: Examining Player Selection for Improvement

Considering their previous loss to the same team last year, one would have expected a well-organized SWAN team selected based on individual player performances rather than relying solely on name recognition.

As sports writers, we have learned from our coverage of various football matches that big names alone do not guarantee success on the field.

Thus, one would have anticipated a team that underwent a thorough screening process in preparation for this crucial match.

While it was a novelty match, it carried the weight of past grievances resulting from previous encounters between the two sides.

Even if it were an open competition, I had also hoped to see my name on the team list.

The truth is that the SWAN Rivers State Chapter did not field its best team against the NBA, resulting in a disappointing and mediocre performance.

It is crucial to avoid a repeat of such a performance in the future to protect the association’s image.

As sports writers, we should lead by example and not criticize the player selection for our national teams without first scrutinizing ourselves within our respective professional associations.

Player selection worldwide is based on current form and individual performance, not past glories.

Let the small failures of today guide us against the potential catastrophes of tomorrow.

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Obum Akawor
A retired Senior Civil Servant and sports journalist. A Fellow, Chartered Institute of Administration, FCAI.

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