Football Manager 2024 Introduces New Features: Intermediaries and Offloading Players

Football Manager 2024 Introduces New Features: Intermediaries and Offloading Players

In the world of Football Manager, squad building is a pivotal aspect of every manager’s career and for that, Football Manager 2024 will be introducing new features – Intermediaries and Offloading Players.Football Manager 2024 Introduces New Features: Intermediaries and Offloading Players

Whether you’re nurturing wonderkids or looking to offload underperforming players, FM24 is set to revolutionize the way you handle transfers with two exciting new features: Intermediaries and enhanced Agent interactions.

Enhanced Agent Conversations

FM24 acknowledges the frustrations managers often face when trying to offload players.

To address this, the game introduces the “Ask Agent About Market Interest” feature.

This tool allows managers to engage in quick chats with player agents, offering three response options: “Desperate,” “Keen,” and “Curious.” Each option conveys a different tone, from urgent to exploratory.

Selecting an option signals your intention to sell the player. If the player agrees to move, the agent will reveal the current market value and the clubs interested in their services.

However, if the player resists the idea of leaving, you might need to take more drastic measures, bearing in mind that your actions have consequences.

After this initial response, you can proceed with sourcing a move or reconsider your options based on the potential price and interested clubs.

The player’s profile will be updated to reflect the discussed market value, which remains in effect for a certain period depending on the season’s status.

While this feature enhances transparency, it’s essential to note that it doesn’t guarantee a sale every time.

Additionally, the “Ask Agent About Availability” chat now includes minimum fee release clauses and expected contract lengths for potential transfer targets.

Enter the Intermediaries

When dealing with uncooperative agents or unappealing offers, FM24 offers a lifeline in the form of Intermediaries.

These brokers, recruited by your Director of Football, can generate fresh interest in players and aid in securing a transfer for a percentage of the final fee.

An Intermediary’s effectiveness depends on their reach and ability as an agent, with scope determining their geographical influence and ability influencing interest and sale value.

The commission is capped at 10%, mirroring the real-world transfer market.

Choosing the right Intermediary is crucial, as well-known but less skilled agents may charge more than their highly skilled counterparts.

The time it takes to gather offers varies, especially during peak transfer periods like deadline day.

To hire an Intermediary, head to the player’s profile and click the “Hire an Intermediary to sell player” button.

Be cautious, though, as bypassing a player’s agent can disrupt the dressing room. However, it can also open up new sale options that the player’s agent might not have considered.

Intermediaries can also work for other clubs, leading to Scout Reports with Agent Feedback when another team seeks to offload a player.

Offering Players via TransferRoom

FM24 introduces the partnership with TransferRoom, replacing the “offer to clubs” option.

This digital service allows managers to reach out to other clubs with players they want to sell. Responses may vary based on the timing of the season and transfer window.

Using the Intermediary ultimatum doesn’t exclude the option to offer a player via TransferRoom, providing more flexibility in player offloading strategies.

Bringing It All Together

The upgrade to Agents and the introduction of Intermediaries has led to changes in the Transfer Status screen. Clubs’ interest is now classified as “Active Interest” or “Rumoured Interest,” with contextual reasons provided for their interest.

Agent Feedback remains, and you can discuss generating market interest, hire an Intermediary, or use TransferRoom.

The player’s Transfer and Loan Status tabs allow instructions to the Director of Football, and special considerations are given to MLS players.

Empower Your Squad Building

Football Manager 2024 empowers managers to shape their squads more effectively with the introduction of Intermediaries and enhanced Agent interactions.

These real-world-inspired tools provide unprecedented control over player transfers, making FM24 a must-play for football management enthusiasts.

In FM24, you’re not just a manager; you’re a master of the transfer market.

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