Champions League: Lewandowski reveals he wanted to beat Bayern Munich

Champions League: Lewandowski reveals he wanted to beat Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski has had a fantastic start to life at Barcelona, but he struggled against Bayern Munich, his former club, in the Champions League, claiming he really wanted to see them suffer defeat.Champions League: Lewandowski reveals he wanted to beat Bayern Munich

The high profile striker struggled to convert his chances and painfully watched his new team – Barca lose 2-0 at the Allianz Arena due to some decent chances he wasted.

While on duty for his country – Poland, Lewandowski addressed the game and made an effort to convey his challenges.

“Of course I wanted to beat Bayern. And I also wanted to score but when you talk about feelings, you can’t completely silence them because it’s not that long since I left Bayern. The match was a big challenge for me. It was impossible for me to stop all those feelings. It was more than a sports match for me, it was an emotional match. The most emotional moment? As soon as you enter the stadium. Although it was a strange feeling to go to another locker room and warm up in another area.”

Although the 34-year-old forward felt there were some positives to draw from the game, he also acknowledged that his team needed to learn from the loss.

“The game against Bayern was a lesson for us. Before we started it we didn’t expect to be able to impose our style and create a lot of chances. Now we know we can. This game showed that we can do that and create chances in tough games. It’s true that we made mistakes. But to be honest, we deserved to win against Bayern or, at least, draw.” – he explained.

On October 26, when the two teams will once again face off in the Champions League group stages at the Camp Nou, the forward will undoubtedly be aiming to realize his goals.

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