Football Manager 2023 Best New Staff to Recruit in Your FM23 Saves

FM23: The Best New Staff to Recruit in Your Football Manager 2023

Every successful football manager knows that their backroom staff plays a vital role. Whether you’re a hands-on leader or prefer a more strategic approach, the guidance of coaches, assistant managers, and scouts is indispensable.

FM23: The Best New Staff to Recruit in Your Football Manager 2023

Discover the seven must-have staff members that you should never start a save without.

In Football Manager 2023, a strong support team is the key to triumph.

The right combination of personnel can propel you to the pinnacle of football success. Let’s delve into the core positions you need to fill for an optimised journey to the top.

1. Assistant Manager

The strategic move of recruiting Gerland early on can’t be overlooked. Unemployed initially, Gerland possesses exceptional attributes that translate into various roles.

His versatility makes him an asset to any team.

If you are using in-game editor, moving Frank Lampard, who is also unemployed to your team will prove a great asset. Lol

2. Coaches

Peter Hermann: With a wealth of experience from Borussia Dortmund, Hermann brings invaluable judgement stats to enhance your coaching setup.Peter Hermann

Peter Krawietz: Transitioning from Liverpool’s performance analyst to assistant manager is a move worth exploring for Krawietz’s expertise.

Brian Kidd: A potential dual-role addition as assistant manager or coach, Kidd’s past with Manchester City bolsters his credentials

Marco Landucci: Juventus’ Landucci, renowned for his talent assessment, is a smart choice to augment your staff.

3. Fitness coach

The foundation of a strong team lies in their fitness, and that’s where these coaches excel:

Fabio Mahseredjian: The fitness coach for Brazil’s national team, Mahseredjian’s expertise is just a search away.Fabio Mahseredjian

Lorenzo Buenaventura: Manchester City‘s Buenaventura stands out for his exceptional fitness coaching skills.

Holger Broich: Boasting a coaching fitness score of 20, Broich’s credentials are second to none.

Thomas Wilhelmi: Wilhelmi’s comprehensive skills in fitness coaching make him an indispensable addition.

Scott Piri: Unemployed post-Galatasaray, Piri’s skills make him an easy pick for your team.

4. Goalkeeping Coach

Nurturing strong goalkeepers is essential, and these coaches are primed for the role:

Hugo Oliveira: He is the man you should go for. Fulham’s Oliveira brings impressive stats to the goalkeeping coaching position.Hugo Oliveira

Alessandro Nista: A free agent with stellar coaching attributes, Nista offers a balanced approach to goalkeeping development.

Flavio Tenius: A top-tier free agent, Tenius excels not only as a coach but also within your youth academy.

Claudio Filippi: With Juventus ties, Filippi is the go-to choice for comprehensive goalkeeper coaching.

Toni Tapalovic: With a wealth of experience at Bayern Munich, Tapalovic is a trustworthy choice.

5. Head of Youth Development

Cultivating young talent requires skillful guidance, and these heads of youth development are up to the task:

Roberto Samaden: Inter’s youth chief is unparalleled with 20s in crucial stats for youth development.Roberto Samaden

Alistair Stevenson: Balancing player potential assessment and coaching attributes, Stevenson is a valuable asset for St. Johnstone.

Pablo Blanco: A consistent performer in his role since 1984, Blanco offers stability and knowledge.

Neil Bath: Chelsea’s highly-regarded Bath brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective.

Danielle Bernazzani: A future head, Bernazzani’s transition from scout to leadership is imminent.

Paolo Morganti: Unparalleled key stats combined with affordability make Morganti a smart acquisition.

6. Director of Football

Navigating the transfer market requires expertise, and these directors of football have what it takes:

Jose Boto: A hidden gem with an eye for talent and South American insight, Boto excels despite his negotiating skills. He can also serve as your chief scout.Jose Boto

Monchi: Renowned for talent spotting, Monchi’s attributes make him a sought-after director.

Paul Mitchell: In-demand Mitchell’s player judgement is exceptional, making him an asset for any club.

Antonio Cordon: Real Hispalis’ Cordon excels at transferring knowledge and responsibility.

Fabio Paratici: A transfer maestro, Paratici’s strengths lie in judgement and negotiation.

Sven Mislintat: His proven reliability at Stuttgart after leaving Arsenal solidifies Mislintat’s reputation.

7. Technical Director

Behind the scenes, these technical directors shine:

Gabriele Oriali: As a master negotiator, Oriali’s skills can revolutionise your backroom staff.Gabriele Oriali

Dan Ashworth: Newcastle’s director, complements multiple positions seamlessly.

Abian Perdomo: Real Madrid’s youth head, Perdomo, transitions smoothly into a technical director role.

Paolo Maldini: AC Milan’s Maldini brings his legendary experience and insight to your team.

Scott McLachlan: With over a decade at Chelsea, McLachlan’s expertise is adaptable to various roles.

8. Scout

Unearthing hidden talent requires perceptive scouts, and these experts excel.

David Trezeguet: Trezeguet’s sharp judgement and adaptability make him a formidable scout.David Trezeguet

Juni Calafat: Real Madrid’s chief scout, Calafat, specialises in unearthing top-tier talent.

Eric Gerets: While retired from coaching, Gerets offers unparalleled scouting expertise, especially in African regions.

Andrew Fehse: Rangers Fehse offers a strong mix of attributes and a knack for spotting talent.

Aurelio Pereira: A veteran with an impeccable eye for talent, Pereira’s skills are second to none.

Roberto Marta: A well-rounded scout, Marta’s high scores across key stats guarantee quality.

Wolfgang Grobe: Formerly at Bayern Munich, Grobe’s expertise is an asset for any club.

9. Physio

Maintaining player fitness is paramount, and these physios excel:

Ricardo Sasaki: Sao Paulo’s physio chief, Sasaki, boasts a perfect score in physiotherapy.Ricardo Sasaki

Melanie Stewart: St. Johnstone’s Stewart is an exceptional physiotherapist with top-notch sports science attributes.

Lieven Maesschalck: As Belgium’s head physiotherapist, Maesschalck brings unmatched expertise to your team.

Juanjo Brau: Despite leaving Barcelona, Brau’s 20 years in physiotherapy remain unmatched.

Helmut Erhard: Continuing the tradition of excellence at Bayern Munich, Erhard is a top-tier choice.

Bruno Mazziotti: Formerly of PSG, Mazziotti’s skills are now benefiting Corinthians in Brazil.

Building your football empire starts with assembling the right team behind the scenes.

By leveraging the expertise of these essential staff members, your journey to victory in Football Manager 2023 becomes all the more exciting and rewarding.

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