Why Arsenal Should Reconsider the Return of Alexis Sanchez

Why Arsenal Should Reconsider the Return of Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has recently declined request from Alexis Sanchez to rejoin the club, despite the former Gunners star reportedly reaching out to show his interest.Why Arsenal Should Reconsider the Return of Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez: A Free Transfer Arsenal Should Reconsider

Sanchez enjoyed a successful four-year spell at the Emirates, scoring 80 goals in 166 appearances, before leaving the North London side in 2018 to join the Red Devils.

However, his recent resurgence at Olympique de Marseille, where he scored 18 goals in 44 matches, has sparked speculation about his future.

As Arsenal fans ponder the potential of Sanchez’s return, let’s explore why Arteta should reconsider this decision and the possible benefits it could bring to the Gunners.

The Peak of His Career:

Alexis Sanchez’s time at Arsenal undeniably marked the peak of his career. His goal-scoring prowess and influential performances endeared him to the fans and established him as one of the Premier League’s most exciting forwards.

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With 80 goals to his name during his previous stint at Arsenal, Sanchez’s return would undoubtedly reignite the passion and excitement among supporters who fondly remember his contributions.

Resurgence at Olympique de Marseille:

Sanchez’s recent success at Olympique de Marseille is hard to ignore. His 18 goals in 44 matches played a crucial role in helping the French side secure a third-place finish in Ligue 1 and a coveted spot in the UEFA Champions League.

This remarkable turnaround in form suggests that the Chilean forward still possesses the talent and hunger to perform at the highest level.

Bringing him back to Arsenal could potentially inject a much-needed boost of experience and goal-scoring ability into the squad.

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Interest from Other Clubs:

Despite Arsenal’s initial rejection, Sanchez’s impressive performances at Olympique de Marseille have also attracted interest from other clubs.

This indicates that there is still considerable demand for his services in the footballing world.

If Arteta and Arsenal reconsider their stance, it could be a strategic move to prevent their rivals from benefiting from Sanchez’s revitalized form.

Additionally, his experience and knowledge of Arsenal’s style of play could seamlessly integrate into the squad, providing a valuable asset both on and off the field.

Free Transfer Opportunity:

One compelling reason for Arteta to reconsider bringing back Sanchez is the opportunity for a free transfer.

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With his contract at Marseille set to expire, signing Sanchez would be a financially prudent move for Arsenal.

It allows the club to allocate resources to other areas of the squad while adding a proven and experienced player at no additional cost.

This pragmatic approach will also align with Arsenal’s focus on youth development and sustainability while simultaneously bolstering the team’s chances of success.

As an Arsenal fan, do you see the prospect of Sanchez returning on a free transfer as an exciting one, and should Arteta should seriously reconsider the possibilities it presents ?

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