23-year-old Chelsea player admits he enjoyed the new formation vs Dinamo Zagreb

23-year-old Chelsea player admits he enjoyed the new formation vs Dinamo Zagreb

Chelsea player – Mason Mount has admitted that he enjoyed featuring in Graham Potter’s new formation during their Champions League match on Wednesday night against Dinamo Zagreb.23-year-old Chelsea player admits he enjoyed the new formation vs Dinamo Zagreb

The young England player admitted that with the new formation, he was provided enough space to roam, link up with the midfield, and advance forward as well.

Recall that Graham Potter employed what seems to be a 4-3-1-2 formation with Mason Mount paring with Jorginho and Denis Zakaria in the middle while he operates from the right.

The Chelsea midfielder, who acknowledged after the game that it was a good position for him, also criticized his own performance, noting that during yesterday’s Champions League match, his passing intelligence was off.

We changed the formation a little bit. It allowed me to drift and connect the midfield, and get forward as well. I felt good. It was a nice position for me.” – he said.

Despite feeling strong on the field, Mount, who won UEFA’s player of the match award against Dinamo Zagreb, did reveal a flaw in his play.

The 23-year-old Mason Mount confessed that he noticed his passing was a little clumsy.

When I look at a game the negatives stick out in my head, and I gave the ball away too much. That’s how I am, that’s what I think about after the game, but I did some good bits as well, so I’ll take it.” – Mount said.

Chelsea finished the Champions League group stage strongly with a 2-1 home winner over Dinamo Zagreb despite losing their first game.

The West London side are the top seeds for the round of 16, having won their group ahead of AC Milan, who finished in second place.

Prior to the World Cup games, the Graham Potter’s team will have to play three crucial matches to prepare for the Tournament.

They compete against teams in the Premier League that are both ranked higher than them, Arsenal and Newcastle United.

In addition to that, the third round Carabao Cup matchup against Manchester City promises to be an exciting one as well.

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